Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our new neighborhood had a big Halloween bash this year and we were super excited to meet all of our new neighbors.  Libby is obsessed with Ariel and wanted to be a mermaid.  I got her an Ariel wig and did her makeup and of course she was adorable!

When people would ask her what her name was she's reply with "Ariel".  She never told anyone her real name.  

Ezra was a super stealth ninja!

These are the photos of Libby AFTER trick or treating.  We didn't realize that she would eat her candy right after she got it from the different houses.  So this is her at the down turn of her sugar high.

She looks like she's been out drinking for 2 nights straight.  

House update

Exterior brick is going up. The brick will be painted so don't worry we aren't leaving it different colors :) There will be case stone around the windows and a surround on the front door. We'll also have shutters on the lower levels windows. We've got sheetrock in and some trim in plus all the tile is in but I haven't gotten photos of that yet.

The mortar wash on this wall has been acetone off a bit so it's not so white and more brick is exposed plus now it's all trimmed out and looks great.
Back side of the fireplace