Monday, September 7, 2015

Our new house progression

Well we are building a house!  Very exciting.  Very slow going :(  We started meeting with an architect in March and we finally had finalized plans by July then we closed on the construction loan at the end of the month and they started dirt work in early August.  Since then we have had trouble getting the subcontractors out because there is a building boom here and the crews are way backed up.  There is still more framing to go up and then hopefully we'll see some walls by the end of this week or maybe some roofing.  

This is the entrance to our new subdivision.  It's still pretty new and not nearly full so there's no sign up yet but hopefully soon:

Ezra's First Day of Second Grade

Ezra's first day of second grade was a success.  Since we are building a house he is going to a new school and I have to admit that his mom was pretty nervous about how he would do with the adjustment.  Fortunately he handled it like a champ and loves his new school as well as second grade!

Libby couldn't stand not being in the "spotlight" and kept asking us to take her picture.