Sunday, August 12, 2012

Printable cutlery tags

I saw these adorable cutlery printables on eat drink chic and I fell in love. I decided to make a few tags of my own and wanted to share them with you guys as well.
Here's a simple poppy design: Just click on the images below to enlarge and then save to your computer. they are created as 8X10's but you can adjust the print size as you see fit.
For your Halloween get togethers!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some digital freebies

This morning I was able to throw together these little photo frames and one quick page for ya. Hope you find some use for them. Just click on the image to enlarge then save to your computer and edit as you like :)

Summer fun

We made a trip to the Fort Worth Science Museum and the boys had a blast. They tested out different "fliers" in the wind tunnel:

"Yes!", (fist pumping) success!

Both had fun playing with the enormous train set:
Ezra was most excited about seeing the dinosaurs!

We also visited the Dallas Aquarium, one of Ezra's favorite places.  It was SUPER duper crowded so unfortunately we couldn't really get many photos b/c there was NO room to move around much.  It was still a good day away from the house but next time we're going on a weekday when school isn't out.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ezra's first non-family birthday party

A few weekends ago Ezra attended the birthday party for a girl from his school named Ava. It was his first non-family member birthday party and I think I was more excited about it then he was :) One of the best parts of parenting is being able to share in your child's "firsts". Like their first tooth, first haircut, first Christmas, etc. So I was really happy that he seemed to have a great time at the party. At first he was VERY hestitant about the whole thing even though he was surrounded by kids he knew from school. His sensory processing issues reared their ugly head for a little while, but once he realized, hey, this is a fun thing, he jumped right in and had a blast with the other kiddos. Here are some pictures from the party.
I got some great ones of Libby but sadly I can't share them until she's adopted which hopefully will be at the end of September some time. We are headed to another birthday party tomorrow and I hope that as we continue to go on social outtings Ezra's anxiety about crowds and loud noises will continue to abate more and more.

3 months of dieting update...

So I have been eating clean and exercising for 3 months now and have now lost a total of 46 pounds. This month I lost 12 #'s total which is okay. Every month it seems like my weight loss has decreased and that's to be expected so I'm okay with it. I have allowed myself more "little cheats" every now and then. Part of me feels so guilty when I do eat a few extra calories or when I eat something processed or something with sugar BUT I have to keep reminding myself that I am not on a dead-line. I can continue this weight loss journey at my own pace and I don't have to meet some magical end date. Of course I would LOVE for the weight to fall off as quickly as possible. I've tried exercising more, eating less calories, eating more calories and I have found that really no matter what I seem to do my body just wants to lose about a pound every 4 days or so so I'm just trying to keep calm and carry on :) haha I find myself lately CRAVING chocolate and baked goods. Instead I'll try to munch on peaches, apples, etc. But I find myself just eating too much fruit instead of satisfying the urge for a brownie. Then I feel guilty for eating so many calories from fruit. I tell ya... dieting basically is just one big guilt trip. In 3 months I haven't missed more then 24 hours b/w work outs and the last 2 days I've skipped out on running. I hurt my ankle so I was trying to rest it and this morning I couldn't hop out of bed quickly enough to get on the elliptical b/c I had so much anxiety about skipping a work out. I did mow my grass yesterday though so I'm going to count that anyway :) I'm just saying this because if you guys have been on a weight loss journey or you're planning to start soon just be prepared to deal with hunger pangs, planning ahead, guilt, and lots of mental games with yourself. Like tomorrow we're going to a birthday party and I could kill for some cake right now, so today I have to plan for what I want to eat tomorrow. Right now I still have to lose 22 #'s NOT to be considered overweight for my height. Then I'd like to lose another 20#'s after that be in the middle of my "healthy" weight range for my height. Ugh... seems daunting at times but my closet is half full since I've been able to literally delete half of my wardrobe. I'm back in my size 12 pants and size med/large tops which is truly a huge improvement on where I was before. I have been slacking on logging my calorie intake on my "track and tap" app b/c I just got lazy but I can't tell you enough how important it is to log what you eat. I am a bad snacker and lately that + not logging what I'm eating has come back to bite me in the butt. Hopefully I'll come to you next month saying I'm only 10 #'s away from not being overweight then the next month I'll be "healthy"!!! I can't wait to be able to say that I'm not overweight!