Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lovely weather for outdoor fun

We didn't really get a winter this year in Texas unfortunatly but it has been lovely outside lately. We have been taking full advantage and here are some new pictures of Ezra trying to climb out pathetic little tree in our front yard and at the Japanese Water Gardens in Fort Worth.

Ezra IS Spiderman

The other day Ezra went to the doctor and they gave him a Spiderman sticker.  He studied it like one would a painting by VanGogh and asked me, "Mama... is this me?"

This is how much he LOVES Spiderman.  He is in a constant state of web-slinging and web-swinging, made even more possible by the fact that Michael has hung a "web" in the garage for him to swing from.  Here are some photos of what it's like to live with Spiderman.

This is what ensues when Ezra watches Spiderman on TV: (note his t-shirt, he's a bit crazy about the little web slinger)

Intimidation at it's finest.

When he pretends he's Spiderman in his room:

Spiderman does a gig!

Ezra always wears his mask inside out for some reason.  He looks more like a scary ghost then Spiderman.

Swinging on his webs:

When all the "web slinging" is done, Daddy is there waiting with a big hug :)