Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updated pics of my sponsor kiddos in Ethiopia

Once a year Karen Wistrom (a fellow adoptive mom and sponsor coordinator for Children's Hopechest) organizes a trip to Ethiopia so sponsor families like us can go and visit the children they sponsor and see the progress their making on the schools and other projects. This year I planned to go but we had a happy surprise in that we were selected to be Libby's adoptive parents so my plans quickly changed once she came to live with us a couple months before I was set to leave for Ethiopia.
Karen's group brings small care packages to each child and they are photographed opening them and looking at their goodies since some sponsors can't be there to see their reactions for themselves. I can't believe how much my kiddos have grown. Frehiwot looks like a teenager already :)

This is Frehiwot, he attends Trees of Glory care center:

This is my little Meskerem, she attends Kind Hearts care center. I was lucky enough to meet her in person when I went to Ethiopia 2 years ago:

If you are interested in learning more about Children's Hopechest or becoming a sponsor yourself please click HERE to visit Karen's blog to learn how.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Football fanatic

Every week Ezra seems to fixate on a movie, sport, or character, and wants to dress up in that way and watch movies about whichever subject he's fixated on. Last week was all about Harry Potter, this week it's football.

Going out for the catch:

He practices his kicking skills on some of Libby's toys:

The cutest little football player ever!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some new photos...

Today we went to the Fort Worth Stockshow and had some fun looking at all the cute animals.

This goat lived up to the hype that goats will eat anything:

One of Texas' own Longhorns:

Ezra loved the baby chickens, that is until he stuck his  finger in the cage and got a little "pinch".

I think we have a photogenic goat here:

Here are a few more random pictures that I'm only just now posting...
Playing soldiers with Daddy.

Bubble fun:

I wonder what bubbles taste like?......

Lastly, here's quick photo of Libby's room in progress.  I finally finished the gallery wall, and was able to take down her old ceiling fan and install this new chandelier.  I also bought the bedding from Pottery Barn kids so.  I will be doing a post to break down the entire room once it's done or close to done but there are still lots of elements that I'm adding as I get the funds to do so :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

A bit of this and a touch of that...

So it's been forever since I've posted and I feel terrible about neglecting the blog so much lately so I finally made myself sit down to do a quick post. First of all did you guys see this dress that Michael made on Project Runway last night???
I mean seriously, he made this in a day with a $350.00 budget. He didn't win the challenge but I think it's one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.

The other day I couldn't find Ezra anywhere, then the dogs actually gave him away... he was having a blast playing underneath Libby in the exersaucer.

Why afros and Christmas trees don't mix...

Ezra was crawling beneath our tree and popped up with a surprise in his hair.

For Christmas my grandmother sent me this beautiful huge pearl and diamond ring as an heirloom piece.  This is the first piece of jewelry that has ever been passed down to me from anyone and I just adore it!  I can't wait to pass it down to Libby one day.

My Libby is named after my grandmother Elizabeth, "Libby".  A friend of hers brought back this pendant from Egypt with the name Libby in heiroglyphics for her years ago and she also passed this down to my Libby.  It has VERY SPECIAL meaning with our Libby's history which I will be able to share with you guys once she's adopted.  It was a perfect gift and I'm sure she will cherish it always.

A quick update:
My mom had her first chemo treatment last week but hasn't had any negative side effects yet and was actually able to go to New Orleans to see LSU play at the National Championship game. (insert heavy sigh and sad face here).  She has 5 more treatments to go but hopefully she'll continue to be able to deal with them okay. 
Libby cut her first tooth last week!!!  How a tooth can be so darn cute is beyond me, but I have to look at it everyday.  :)  She's still teeny tiny and at 8 months old I am finally able to move her up out of her 3 month old clothes. 
Yesterday Ezra and I went to tour a local private school near our house called All Saints.  It's a really nice school with a beautiful campus.  I was thoroughly impressed though the tuition is a bit shocking.  Ezra will be 4 in June so he would be in the pre-K class so the teacher was telling me how they are working on their writing and showed me their journals with their letter tracings and free drawing, etc.  I had to look away because I found myself getting teary eyed!  The kids just looked so grown up and it was like real school and I just couldn't believe my baby boy will be writing his letters soon in his own notebook... it was such a small thing but I guess it just hasn't hit me that he's not a baby anymore. 

Also I have been neglecting blogging so much b/c I have a new addiction... Pinterest!  I used to find things I loved and post to them to the blog but now I can just pin them, so be sure to check out my pinterest page by clicking on the button in the side bar to come and see all the fun finds, great food, and beautiful decor!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some freebies for the new year

This morning I made some prints for Libby's gallery wall. I'm working on gathering funky and modern prints for her room and some that I saw that I liked on etsy I just decided to create my own versions. J'adore Francaise so they are in French.

I used Ribba frames from IKEA to create some cohesion.  I'll post a photo of the completed wall once I get all the prints I ordered in.
Just click on any of the designs below to enlarge and then save to your computer. I changed the print size in photoshop before printing them just FYI.
This print I designed is an adoption based quote.  It says, "Not flesh of our flesh or bone of our bone, but still divinely ours."

Here it is set in a 4X6 frame:

I saw something like this on etsy and decided to make my own version.  Just click on the image below to save to your computer.  It can be used for Valentine's Day cards or any number of projects.

Here it is framed out and ready to hang:

an up close look:

I hope you guys enjoy these little creations and have a blessed 2012!