Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bittersweet news...

So I just got an e-mail that the 8 year old that we were considering adopting has had another family commit to his adoption! YEA!!! Praise the Lord that he will have a forever family but I am a bit sad that it won't be us. I was planning to visit him in January when I'm going to Ethiopia for a medical mission. I doubt he'll still be there at the TH when I go but I hope I'll at least be able to meet him in person. Also there are 2 sick babies in the hospital that recently came home from ET so please keep them in your prayers. I'm so ready to start our second adoption that I can hardly think of anything else :) I just want to at least have to ball rolling since the process takes so long. We have been so blessed with Ezra and just are so in love with him and being parents!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I love photo shop!

A trip to the country...

Last weekend Michael, Ezra, and I took a trip down to South Louisiana to visit my grandmother and cousins. Ezra had a blast playing with his cousins and all the animals. He was SO exhausted that he fell asleep at 6p.m before I changed his diaper and I actually was able to change a poopie diaper w/o him waking up!!! Now that's what I call having a good time!!!

Thank the Lord for Halloween Costumes...

Here are 2 of the outfits we got Ezzy for Halloween. Actually the skunk one was for my brother but my mom kept it and is letting us use it for the Ez. I bought the Ewok but it's a bit too small. Michael and I couldn't wait until Halloween to take pics of Ezzy wearing them b/c as Michael said, "this is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life"! So for Halloween we'll likely go with the skunk and I'll paint Ezra's little nose, etc. He's so good about wearing the hat and all thankfully :)

Ezra as an Ewok (though he sort of looks more like a squirrel to me)

Ezra as a skunk :)

Happy Skunk

Sad Skunk

The dogs aren't sure what to think about this new family "pet".

Thought this song went great with a Halloween themed post :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long time no write...

So it feels like it's been forever since my last blog entry. I've been trying to work more days to make some extra money to fund the mission trip I'm planning to Ethiopia, so I have less and less time to upload new pics. We're doing really good, Michael's still waiting for the Navy to get his paperwork organized so he can start flying again, I'm working a lot to try to make up for the lost of one year's income, and Ezra is growing and developing like a weed! I LOVE BEING A MOM! I mean really... it's superb. I adore my son! He's just been such an immense blessing in our lives and he makes us smile and laugh every day. I look at him and it just makes me want to adopt a million more. Today he had his second to last appointment with the infectious disease doctor b/c he's almost done with his TB meds and they drew his blood and he didn't shed NOT one tear. He sat there like a champ and took it. We were shocked that he did so well. I think Michael was worse off then Ezzy. We went to Shreveport and Redell this weekend on a mini road trip for Michael's grandmother's 80th birthday (Ezra was a hit of course) then to see my grandmother and cousins. It was great to see everyone but I am so glad to NOT be driving. Ezra is just in love with his Papaw! I think he would be just fine if Michael and I left for a month and he was with his Papaw, they are like 2 peas in a pod. Some of the pics below are of Papaw feeding Ezra his first popsicle. The other new think Ezra's doing is he's finally attached to 2 things, a stuffed animal (a little sock monkey) and a crucifix we keep in his room. We usually would just start the day by showing it to him and pointing and saying "Jesus", sometimes he would kiss Jesus. Now he will get it off of his dresser on his own and just stare at it and give Jesus kisses which usually means putting his entire head in his mouth :)
My mom said that she thinks it's like he's seen Jesus before, like he was with him when he was abandoned and took care of him. I like her theory and I hope that his relationship with Jesus will continue to be strengthened and blossum as he gets older.

Ezra will carry around his crucifix while he's playing. He doesn't like to put it down.

Giving Jesus a big kiss :)